NewsSpectrum Fellow Albert Voncina

For three weeks in November and December 2021, NewsSpectrum Fellow Albert Voncina moved from the small Slovenian minority-language daily Primorski dnevnik, published in Trieste, to L’Espresso, one of Italy’s most influential weekly magazines with a circulation over 200,000 copies, based in Rome.

During his NewsSpectrum fellowship, Albert contributed to several investigative stories on a variety of topics – from migration, COVID-19 vaccination, the business of selling weapons, etc. – but the outcome of his study visit to Rome surpasses the list of his articles published by l‘Espresso.

Investigative skills, data-driven journalism and audience engagement were broader focuses of his study visit to the L’Espresso newsroom. Albert also used this opportunity to refine his journalistic writing skills in Italian, his second language.

His cooperation with L’Espresso will be continued after this fellowship as he is expected to regularly contribute to the magazine from Primorski dnevnik in Trieste.

Published stories