Screenshot from the documentary

In collaboration with the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture, UK-based Roma filmmaker and NewsSpectrum Fellow Artur Čonka developed a short documentary about Roma fighting COVID-19, featuring stories of community self-help and agency during the pandemic. The film explores ideas around the impact of COVID-19 within the Roma communities in Serbia and the UK and how Roma women in particular have been affected.

The challenges posed by COVID-19 are multifaceted: the health risk, the socioeconomic impact, the increase in domestic violence, and antigypsyism are all contributing to the impact of the pandemic. The short documentary nevertheless aims to offer a positive perspective by uncovering stories of Roma-led efforts and initiatives to fight COVID-19 and by highlighting the important role of Roma women in their communities during this pandemic.

Director Artur Čonka was born in Slovakia to Romani parents. He made his life in the UK upon finishing his degree in documentary photography and filmmaking. Artur has been working in the field of directing for over a decade and has won international awards.