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A group of journalists from Galicia and Portugal teamed up to produce six stories on the depopulation of rural area around the border between Galicia and Portugal.

FinDeLiña  / FimDeLinha is a series of reports produced by Xarda (Galicia) and Público (Portugal) covering everyday problems of people who live in the “Raia seca” (eastern border between Galicia and Portugal) including economic decline, lack of  infrastructure and poor traffic connection within the area, and restrictive COVID-19 measures restoring borders between Galician and Portuguese villages. The reports, published in Galician and Portuguese, examined the impact of these issues on the quality of life in local communities on both sides of the border.

Offering context and background for social, political and economic links and dependence between these two communities, journalists Ruben Martins (Público) and Sofía Caamaño Deus, Elena Martín Lores and Pablo Santiago (Xarda) combined several forms (podcast, documentaries, photography, text, etc.) to tell these stories.

Xarda, a cooperative of journalists specialized in audio-visual storytelling, provides coverage of Galicia, in Galician. With strong focus on rural area, Xarda’s video material, combined with text, photography or podcast, often gets published by other media like O Salto Galiza, Nós Televisión, Novas, etc.

Público is one of the leading newspapers in Portugal, with more than 30 years of tradition and newsrooms in Lisbon and Porto and correspondents throughout the country, as well as in Brussels and Brazil.

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