Screenshot from, combined with a photo of the fellow Hilal Seven

NewsSpectrum Fellow Hilal Seven, a Kurdish-Alevi freelance journalist, carried out two Professional Placement Fellowships. She spent two weeks working at the foreign news desk of The Times/The Sunday Times. She also carried out a month-long work placement at, an online platform specialized in news, jobs, training and events for journalists.

The in-person conversations and direct interaction with the reporters and editors of several newsrooms at The Times were a valuable chance for Hilal to network and build important professional connections. Her placement at a large newsroom, engaging with different departments and teams at The Times, combined with her remote placement at, was a unique opportunity for improving a range of skills and techniques. As a native Turkish and Kurdish speaker, Hilal also contributed as a translator.

During her fellowship at, Hilal focused on stories about the freelance journalism community.

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