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NEVIMOS Roma News Portal gathers news and media content produced by Romani media outlets and Romani media professionals. The goal of the platform, the first of its kind, is to amplify the reach of existing Romani media and offer a space where the perspectives of Romani media professionals can be expressed and generated.

The platform was developed and is led by Branislav Nikolic, a journalist and web developer, as part of his NewsSpectrum fellowship. The project was carried out with support from Deutsche Welle as the majority-language partner. After months of planning and preparations, NEVIMOS started operating in March 2022.

Currently, NEVIMOS publishes content from Travellers Times,,, and Gipsy.TV, but the list of sources and news providers is growing. Editors of collaborating media platforms can choose between automatic synchronization between NEVIMOS and their platform or synchronization for single posts. Additionally, the site regularly publishes the announcements of Romani organizations.

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine in late February, NEVIMOS has highlighted content related to the war in Ukraine, including work by Romani media outlets to counter fake news and propaganda.

NEVIMOS has also highlighted the work of other NewsSpectrum fellows. See more here. 

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