Screenshot from DW video

Riah Knight and Lindy Larsson are Roma and star actors at the Maxim Gorky Theatre in Berlin. In this video produced by NewsSpectrum Fellow Milutin Jovanović, in collaboration with Deutsche Welle , they talk about their moving story, and how they found an artistic home in Germany.

Screenshot, DW video

This video examines the multilayered cultural identities of two actors, their Romani heritage and their passion for theatre, acting, and singing. With their theatre show “Roma Army”, Knight, originally from the UK,  and Larsson, from Sweden, explore and fight widespread stereotypes and fetishized and exoticized image of Roma people, especiall as nomads and travelers.

Milutin Jovanović, a journalist and video producer from Serbia living and working in Germany, cooperated closely with DW team to deliver this story as part of his NewsSpectrum fellowship. Jovanović has directed several documentaries dealing with the Roma community in Serbia.

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