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The International Press Institute (IPI) and MIDAS announce today, April 12, the first call for applications for the NewsSpectrum Fellowship.

The fellowship is open to journalists and other media professionals working for minority-language media in the EU (including Roma and migrant languages) and aims to encourage working partnerships between minority- and majority-language news outlets.

NewsSpectrum expects to fund 40 fellowships in 2021 through two schemes: Collaborative Reporting Fellowships and Professional Placement Fellowships.

Fellowship types and deadlines

The Collaborative Reporting Fellowship supports reporting projects carried out by journalists working at minority-language media (including regular freelance contributors) in collaboration with a majority-language media outlets.

The reporting project can focus on any public interest topic relevant to the audiences of both media organisations. However, priority will be given to projects that highlight the specific situation or perspective of minority groups in the EU or relations between minority and majority groups. Projects that contribute to coverage of European affairs in minority-language media are welcome. All types of reporting are eligible and stories can be published in any format. Digital/audiovisual storytelling techniques are welcome. Stories are expected to be published by both the minority- and majority-language media outlet.

The deadline for applications for Collaborative Reporting Fellowships is May 28, 2021. Two additional calls under this scheme are expected to open in June and August. See full information and FAQs.

The Professional Placement Fellowship supports custom short-term work placements or study visits by minority-language media professionals at majority-language media. The fellowship is open to all staff members of the media outlet, including journalists, editors, photojournalists, newsroom managers, social media managers, community managers or staff focused on digital innovation. Regular freelance contributors are also eligible. It can be used to support collaborative skills and knowledge exchange on various aspects of the newsroom, including news reporting, digital transition, business models, audience engagement and community building.

Applications for the Professional Placement Fellowship will be considered on a rolling basis starting today, April 12, until May 28, 2021. Only one call for the Professional Placement Fellowship is currently planned. See full information and FAQs.

Eligibility and application details

Minority-language media professionals are eligible for the fellowship if their media outlet is based in the EU or the UK and produces at least 51% of its content in a regional or minority language (this includes migrant languages and Roma languages). Read more about which languages are eligible here. The majority-language reporting partner or host must also be based in the EU or the UK. Cross-border collaborations are welcomed.

In-person fellowships are encouraged, in line with NewsSpectrum’s goal of building sustainable partnerships between minority- and majority-language media. This applies especially to the Professional Placement Fellowship. However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote options will be considered, provided that the activities can still be carried out effectively.

In general, both fellowships are expected to last at least two weeks, but flexible durations are possible. The fellowships can be carried out anytime between June and December 31, 2021.

Both the minority-language media fellow and the majority-language reporting partner or host can each request up to €6,000 per fellowship. For minority-language fellows, the grant can cover salary costs (directly reimbursed to the employer) as well as a stipend for local costs (e.g., accommodation and subsistence). Travel costs will be covered additionally. For majority-language media, the grant can also cover salary costs as well as travel costs, if relevant. In total, NewsSpectrum expects to provide €480,000 in fellowship grants in 2021.

To apply, interested media professionals should read the full description, eligibility and selection criteria, and application instructions on the NewsSpectrum website. Applications must be sent in English. Applicants are strongly encouraged to secure a reporting partner or host organisation before applying. However, the NewsSpectrum project partners stand ready to try to connect promising applicants with suitable host organisations if necessary.

Fellows will be chosen by a five-member selection committee that will include independent experts. The programme is committed to strictly protecting the editorial independence of all grantees.


NewsSpectrum is a joint initiative of the International Press Institute (IPI) and the European Association of Daily Newspapers in Minority and Regional Languages (MIDAS). The European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) is a supporting partner.

NewsSpectrum is a new programme designed to encourage working partnerships between minority-language media, including migrant-language media, and leading media outlets within the European Union. The NewsSpectrum fellowships aim to enhance cooperation between the two groups and support the sustainability of minority-language media as crucial members of a free and pluralistic media environment in the European Union. They also seek to support media coverage that reports knowledgeably on minority issues and includes the perspective of representatives of minority groups in news coverage

The NewsSpectrum programme is co-funded by the European Commission within the framework of the pilot project “Internship opportunities for Minority Language Media”, with additional financial support from ERIAC. Further partnerships will be announced as they are confirmed.


We encourage interested applicants to visit the NewsSpectrum website and our FAQ page on applying. If you still have questions, feel free to get in touch with us.


Josh LaPorte (IPI): [email protected]
Anna-Kira Pirhofer (MIDAS): [email protected]

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(Photo by Finn Hackshaw on Unsplash)